A donkey and a horse survive the farm fire: the hug with the master is touching

Devoting your whole life to animals is not an easy task; it takes courage, passion and determination, especially if you decide to lead a retired life, in the countryside, taking care of your ranch and your four-legged friends.

Like Travis Ochs, a rancher who lives off Geer Canyon Drive in Boulder, Colorado, and was forced to leave his house in emergency because of a devastating fire


When the flames from the fire were about to burn down the ranch, Travis immediately put his mother and sister, who were living with him, in the truck and tried to save as many animals as possible. But the fire was too threatening. “I had no idea the fire was so close. I turned immediately. There were big pieces of burning wood falling all over the road.”

Before the situation turned bad, Boulder County sent horse trailers to help all the ranchers in the area evacuate their ranches; but a problem had arisen for Travis: Adam, Travis’ favorite workhorse, was too big and heavy to fit in the trailer.

So, in desperation and because there was no other choice in this emergency, Travis made an extreme decision: he left behind the horse Adam and his inseparable donkey, Ennis ; these two animals, who were both 14 years old, had been raised with affection by the ranchero from the age of 6 months…

With a knot in his throat, Travis thought he would never see them again, swallowed by the flames of the fire that ravaged his ranch; but the next day, an unexpected surprise happened!

The morning after the fire, authorities returned to the scene and, although the fire had destroyed all of Travis’s belongings, the horse and the donkey were still alive and wellsurrounded by a piece of scorched and blackened earth… despite the situation of great urgency and danger, they had helped each other and had finally managed to save themselves!

Travis couldn’t believe his eyes: although they were shocked and hungry, they were in excellent condition!

In the end, Travis, with tears in his eyes, tenderly cuddled his two favorite animals, so glad they were able to save themselves from the fury of the flames. A true miraculous escape which, in a context of destruction, made it possible to preserve life.

We are so happy for horse Adam and donkey Ennis!


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