A dog walking near a man on a bench suddenly realizes he knows him.

Rave never misses an opportunity to say hello to his friends. Even the ones she hasn’t seen in months. “We met every week.

“We see each other every week” – said Carino in an interview. Rave loved it when I trained him.”

Over the summer, training continued at a local park. – However, the man who taught him obviously did not let go.

But after all this time, does she really remember him?

The images of this meeting dispel all suspicion.

“I wanted to see if I could recognize him. I was sure he would, because he’s a well-behaved dog,” Carino said. Seeing her reaction to her brother’s friend convinced me that she’s special. It warmed my heart.”

Rave couldn’t be happier.

The dog was happy to see his mentor that day, so they decided to make future dating a routine.

“He is my friend and Rave’s friend forever” – they said. For Carino, this animal deserves more than that.
Of course, friendship is one of the most important things in life! But, without a doubt, this type of friendship is not something that can be seen at every step.

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