A dog dives into the water to find a stick for a friend who is afraid of the waves

The lady likes to visit the seaside. She likes to dig a lot of holes, take naps under umbrellas and run in the sand.

But what about swimming in the ocean? She won’t go.

Luckily, she doesn’t have to feel left out when playing fetch in the ocean since her friend Maui is ready to help her retrieve the stick from the waves.

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“Maui is like an older brother to Lady, and Lady is like a sassy little sister who always takes credit for what he does,” Lady’s mother, Erika Ekman, told The Dodo. “It’s so cute and funny!”

Ekman often takes Lady to the dog-friendly beaches around their home in Orange County, California. The lady never liked to swim. In fact, it took the cautious woman a long time to feel comfortable going ankle-deep.

“She’s not a confident dog, but she’s come a long way to stand this far in the ocean,” Ekman said. “She likes the water now, but she won’t swim without a lot of encouragement, and she’s still afraid of big waves.”

Lady and Maui became friends after meeting at a nearby dog ​​park. Since Lady isn’t a great swimmer and Maui is, they make the perfect team. They often socialize and play together, sometimes near water.

Maui always brings Lady the pool toys, according to Ekman. Lady likes to wait and wait on the stairs before snatching the toy from her mouth and bringing it to a safe place.

Ekman is truly grateful to Lady for pushing her to move on and helping them make new friends like Maui and her family.

Ekman said “”[Lady] has absolutely transformed our way of life and allowed us to enjoy the stunning natural beauty that California has to offer.” “Mentally and physically we are in much better shape than we were. She’s also the reason we’ve made so many wonderful friends together!

Each day offers the Lady a new opportunity to play outside. What if she ever felt scared? Almost always a buddy like Maui is available to help.

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