A deer who lost his mother forms friendship with a raccoon

A report of a newborn Raccoon in need of help was sent to Certified Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist Carrie Long last year. He was found clinging to life during a shower at just three weeks old after his mother abandoned him.

Long made the decision to adopt the raccoon through his organization, Texas Reindeer and Friends, which deals with the rescue of orphaned deer. Jasper is a woman’s name.

Jasper decided to leave the long deer sanctuary at home, although he had come of age and was able to do it on his own. Now he coexists peacefully with 75 orphan deer cared for by the Texas fawn and his friends across the vast region, but there is one that has unequivocally won his heart.

Her name is Hope. She also lost her mother when she was a young child. Jasper, however, makes sure she never feels alone.

“Jasper just loves it,” long said. “When he sees her, he runs to lick and love her. It’s just the cutest thing.”

Here’s a video of Jasper and Hope’s cute friendship in action:

Jasper and Hope are fine. And all on their own terms.

“He sees her every day,” long said. “In the evening, she comes and lies down next to him. They have a cool relationship.”
Long expects to care for about 100 orphaned reindeer this year; without the dedication and hard work of the Texas Reindeer and his friends, none of them would likely have survived. However, they are given the opportunity to succeed there, and not just to save their lives.

Nothing more than long would like.

It’s really nice work, she said.

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