A cramped greenhouse van – you’ll think. But when you step inside, you will be amazed!

It is the dream of many city dwellers to live in the countryside, in nature and in beautiful places.

And it would be great if it was not just a comfortable home, but also the ability to travel. You can travel to beautiful places whenever a new landscape opens in front of your window and live in a comfortable house with all amenities, not in a tent.

Houses on wheels are the ideal solution. Modern variants of these houses look fantastic.

This ‘Elsa’ van is a mobile trailer that can be used anywhere in the world. Isn’t it beautiful?

The interior of this mobile home is fantastic. This van is only 30 m2, but it has everything you need to live!

The housing was designed by Olive Nest in South Carolina.

The van is a perfect combination of modern and rustic elements.

It has a living room and a sofa bed for your comfort.

The kitchen is equipped with an oven, a refrigerator and a stainless steel sink with modern taps and beautiful countertops.

The bathrooms are nice and modern.

Shelves under the stairs save space.

The windows are well placed to ensure good lighting.

The sleeping loft is another matter. Everything is practical, comfortable and beautiful.

The house also has a greenhouse, where you can grow vegetables and fruits all year round, as well as beautiful flowers.

On the terrace of the house there is a swing in the trees. It’s a lovely place for the whole family to spend evenings on the swing in the cozy cottage with gorgeous views!”

Van Elsa is a truly magnificent caravan, full of harmony and fun. Sometimes I wonder how far human thought and talent can go. The engineers of this van did their best!

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