A cow destined for slaughter escapes from the slaughterhouse and hides in the church: she seems to be “praying for her life”

It is often said that some animals only lack speech and this must certainly be true in the case of many domestic dogs and cats who brighten up our days with their presence at home, and also with regard to the protagonist of this story: 500 kg cow escaped from the slaughterhouse and took refuge in the nearest church.

Was she looking for a way to scream “Help, save me!”? We can’t know, but from the way the story has been reconstructed, it looks like the big animal walked into the church almost as if it was going pray for his life. It goes without saying that the employees of the slaughterhouse found her and took her back…


To escape her tragic fate, now aware of what awaited her after slaughterhouse workers dragged her out of her fence with ropes, the cow began to run away until she finds refuge in the church of the “Lord of Mercy”, in Mexico, in the city of Tampico Alto.

She remained hidden for several minutes, without anyone being able to find her. Eventually the slaughterers arrived at the church and recaptured the animal.

The photo immediately went viral on Twitter, where many users expressed their anger at the cow’s fate. Some even wrote that the poor beast was “asking for God’s help” at the time, while others claimed they would have adopted her to spare her such a sacrifice.

One user in particular wrote that they absolutely shouldn’t have killed her, as she was clearly “a sign from God.” Whether or not it was a divine sign, the poor cow’s dismay was very real…


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