A couple thought they had bought a minipig, but it reached 300 kg

When the two Canadians bought it, they thought it was a miniature pig. But they got more than that, little Esther had reached 300 kg and was a normal pig. However, its owners did not want to abandon it.

They also thought the animals were smart and friendly. Pigs are said to be as smart as dogs and, in fact, much cleaner than many other animals.

These good pigs have even made the owner a vegetarian! Esther already has over half a million followers on Instagram.

Pigs are smarter than dogs or as capable as chimpanzees, depending on the criteria tested.

Pigs have good spatial memory and remember the best foods.

They like to play (playing ball, chasing, etc.)

It can recognize a congener and distinguish one familiar person from another.

Pigs that know where the food is can develop strategies to hide the area from other pigs that have a habit of stealing the food.

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