A cat born with only two legs was rescued from the streets of Arizona

This young ginger cat was found by kind people on the side of the road in Arizona. People picked up the cat and took it to the Humane Society of Tucson.

Shelter staff examined the cat and found that its paws were intact and underdeveloped. In other words, she was born with it. It only had a few legs left on one side, while the other was slightly longer and only featured a single claw.

It’s a miracle that such an ugly kitten could survive on the streets until he was almost an adult cat, otherwise he was perfectly healthy.

The cat was named Joey Lou, his photo was posted on social media, and Courtney, who lives in the area, found out about his existence. In her own words, she immediately fell in love with the cat.

“I thought, ‘He must be in my house’. I picked him up that day and brought him to my house. And it turned out that he was very active despite his paws and went to the toilet on the second night!”.

Joey Lou also turned out to be very friendly and outgoing. He wasn’t born on the streets, but ended up living there after his abusive owners removed a “defective” kitten from their home.

“He gets along well with people and other cats and is very dog ​​friendly. And he loves lots of attention, cuddles.”

“Even if he’s ugly, he doesn’t stop being active for a moment. We have a 6 meter cat treadmill and he has no problem getting on it and running from start to finish.”

When Joey Lou stands on his hind legs, he looks like a tyrannosaur.

“He has no problem using the ladder and jumping on sofas and chairs. I can even play with other cats.”

Courtney ordered a wheelchair to help Joey Lou get around and now happens to get around on wheels.

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