A British woman has found an abandoned box containing two surprises near her home.

A British resident saw a cardboard box outside his house one morning. Someone had deliberately placed it near the front door. However, inside it was something more unexpected.

The woman opened the box out of curiosity and found two ducks inside. They looked healthy, but a little scared. One was slightly larger than the other.

Officer Sophie Jones, who arrived the same day, was also surprised to see the ducklings.

“He’s a chick, I think he’s about three weeks old. They are still very small and have down instead of feathers. He can’t live on his own yet, so we have to take care of him.”

Sophie therefore found the names and named them Thelma and Louise. The ducklings will be placed in an animal shelter where they will be cared for until they reach adulthood. They will then be released into a body of water.

Sophie thinks these ducklings were with someone as pets, as there are no farms in the area, but the person couldn’t stand the tedious care and decided to leave them in another home.

The “ducklings” are very cute, but they grow very fast and can be completely unruly if kept in a flat city. You can’t train them like you do a cat, and maybe someone got tired of cleaning up after them and decided to pass the responsibility on to someone else.”

Following the incident, RSPCA officials issued a warning: “pets are not toys” and “if you are planning to welcome a pet into your home, think carefully about if you can take care of it properly”.

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