A brave nature guardian naps near four orphan bears to help them relax and sleep.

A brave conservationist sleeps with four orphan bears to get a good night’s sleep.

Wild animals and their way of life never cease to amaze us. Our love for animals is beyond words.

Not afraid to protect animals or the environment, this creature will do anything for animals. He helps them sleep by lying on the ground and sleeping next to them. That must be it, to be such a kind and caring person. The orphanage was founded by him and his wife.

In general, he protected and helped them. But he had a special affection for little friends: since 1990, he and his wife have helped many Bears in need.

About 10 years ago, these four friends showed up at the centre’s clinic. During those 10 months, they formed a deep and unique bond with the man who came to them.

The bond between Jim and his four pets is so strong that even when they aren’t scared, they stay together in bed, keeping them calm and safe.

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