A boy in the subway feeds a kitten rescued from the street: a gesture of great compassion

You can’t resist the helpless eyes of a little kitten begging to be rescued from the streets. Whether he’s looking for comfort or just food, an abandoned or stray kitten must always be saved from the worst living conditions. This is what the protagonist of this tender story did, who crossed his path with a helpless kitten found between two buildings and who seemed to be looking for help: he did not think twice.

Animal shelter volunteer Gillian Rogers was the protagonist of a touching scene when one day she rode the New York City subway as she did every day: she saw a young man who was sitting and artificially feeding a cute little kitten with a bottle. A very tender scene that could not go unnoticed…


That’s why Gillian approached and asked the young man if the cat was his or if he had found it in the street; the latter replied that he had found the helpless kitten alone and looking for food in the street. He hadn’t wanted to leave him there, so he took him with him, took some milk, a small bottle and he fed him as best he could.

Gillian commented: “It was really a special moment. When I got off the train, I felt like I was walking three meters above the sky. I felt happy — as if it had renewed my faith in humanity. There are still good people out there“.

One thing that Gillian Rogers, also founder of Pet Rescue Squad Inc, knows very well, an association that ensures the safety of stray or abandoned animals.

The gesture of this anonymous man shows how sometimes the sympathy of a stranger can have a small and even a big impact on the world and make it a better place.


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