A 12-year-old boy made the painful decision to place a pit bull puppy in a crate and leave a touching letter outside the shelter.

A boy left his favorite, sweet pup at the entrance to the shelter, hoping he was safe. When the Refuge staff came to work in the morning, they were surprised to notice a cage.

They found a stuffed animal and a handwritten letter.

They had no hesitation in bringing the five- to six-week-old pit bull home, and when they read the heartbreaking letter, they understood why the pup had been abandoned.

The letter was written by Andres. He and his mother made the difficult decision to leave their beloved dog with caring people and placed him in a shelter.

He wasn’t safe at home, so they thought he would be safe there. The puppy had been abused by the boy’s father. One day the father beat the puppy.

So he decided to hide it from her. André wanted the shelter staff to take care of the puppy.

He also left behind a stuffed animal for the pup to remember him by.

They named the puppy Renee and took care of him.

The shelter is looking for a loving family to give this innocent animal the peaceful life it deserves.

Over 300 animals were taken care of.

We hope that Renée will be cared for by kind-hearted owners as soon as possible and that she will find her forever home.

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