5-year-old baby with blue eyes wows the world with her beauty

It is undeniable that all children are beautiful, pretty and kind.

Today we would like to introduce you to a little girl who at the age of five is already a model. Her name is Kaya Rose.

These interracial marriages have always been unusual and not surprising. However, children bring the best of both parents.

A famous African-American and a woman of European descent gave birth to a daughter of incredible beauty.

A consistent finding from these studies is that gender is significantly associated with the risk of divorce. Interracial marriages with white women are more at risk of divorce than interracial marriages with Asian or black women.

The little beauty dazzled everyone, and when she was four years old, an agency saw her picture on social media, developed great interest in her, and started offering her work.

Today, thanks to advertisements and photo shoots in magazines, she earns millions of dollars.

Her parents are sure that she will become a world-class model and conquer the catwalks in the future.

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