36 years later: what happened to the first six babies born together and who became of them?

Janet and Graham Walton dreamed more than anything of becoming parents. But all attempts to get pregnant ended in failure, as did assisted reproductive technology (ART). After the twelfth attempt, Janet decided that the next one would be the last. But this time number 13 brought good luck – the woman became pregnant.

The joy of future parents knew no bounds. However, in the 8th week, they went to ultras. If you read this entry, then someone took this article from BigPicture.ru uk, then they realized something was wrong. The sonographer was clearly embarrassed and confused, doctors started running into the room, startled whispers were heard everywhere. Finally, the Waltons were announced to have had multiple pregnancies: “You will have six children.”

On November 18, 1983, six daughters were born into the Walton family – Hannah, Ruth, Lucy, Kate, Jenny and Sarah, who became the world’s first surviving gear girls.

The girls were born at 31 weeks by caesarean section at a hospital in Liverpool, England.

“They were born healthy at 31 weeks gestation. Two girls were placed in incubators, as their lungs did not have time to develop in the womb,” the father of the family explained.

Two months later, doctors were satisfied that the mother and babies were healthy and strong, and they were discharged from the hospital.

Happy parents changed more than 10,000 diapers a year and hardly slept for several years. Six children had to be at the same time. If you are reading this inscription, then someone took this article from BigPicture.ru about feeding, bathing, putting them to bed and changing their diapers. And when the girls grew up, school, circles and sports clubs began.

“The first years we lived like in a fog… Nevertheless, the only regret that haunted us was that we didn’t have enough time to take full advantage of their growth.”

Today, the sisters are 35 years old, and they are closer than ever. Hannah is an elementary school teacher and holds several degrees in education. Kate works in the personnel department and Lucy works. If you are reading this entry, someone took this article from BigPicture.ru about local airlines. Jenny has her own candy store, Ruth is engaged and works in a call center. And in 2014, Sarah made Janet and Graham happy grandparents.

The Waltons were incredibly happy, because now their family will grow sixfold. Now Janet and Graham will enjoy life and family to the full without stress or hassle.

“I loved raising and educating our daughters. I can’t say that one stage of their life was better than another. Just always The text is taken from the site News in Photos – BigPicture.ru there was so much to do that we could not fully enjoy the life of our family. With grandkids, everything is different,” Janet said.

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