„Je stejně mladistvá a atraktivní jako její 23letá dcera, která je 46. 😍 Jaká jsou tajemství její věčné krásy?“

The 46-year-old Californian teacher, Jolene Diaz, has become an internet phenomenon due to her youthful appearance, often leading people to mistake her for her 23-year-old daughter. Jolene generously shares on her blog the routine she follows to maintain her timeless beauty.

Originally from the Philippines, Jolene moved to California at the age of ten and has lived there ever since. Despite not dating since her divorce, she maintains a strong bond with her daughter Melanie, and they often enjoy double dates together.

Content with her life, Jolene remains open to finding love but prioritizes her happiness and confidence above all else. So, what’s her secret?

Jolene emphasizes the importance of meticulous skincare. She religiously applies SPF cream, vitamin C serum, and retinol daily to shield her skin from the sun. Additionally, her diet plays a crucial role. Standing at 1.65 meters tall, she maintains a weight of 110 pounds by consuming a diet rich in fish, eggs, vegetables, and fruits, with minimal gluten or alcohol intake.

Regular exercise is another key aspect of Jolene’s routine. She dedicates thirty minutes each day to workouts, consisting of cardio and fifteen minutes of stretching. She also enjoys outdoor activities like beach walks.

While Jolene emphasizes maintaining a composed exterior, she also stresses the importance of optimism, self-love, and quality sleep. However, her youthful appearance is often attributed to other underlying factors.

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