OMG! 😕 „Jak vypadá manželka Aarona Taylor-Johnsona, která je o 24 let starší než on? Co na ní našel?“ 😳

„Though the contract hasn’t been formally finalized, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is about to join the cast of the next James Bond movie. He would be the sixth actor to play “Agent 007” since the series’ launch in 1962 if he decides to join the cast.

Taylor-Johnson began his acting career at an early age and is now quite successful in the business. Audiences may expect to see him in three distinct films this year alone, demonstrating his ongoing presence. Notably, for “Under Cover of Night,” he won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.

The actor rarely shares details about his personal life, giving little insight into his genuine goals. Nonetheless, it is known that Aaron has been married to a British artist and filmmaker, aged 57, for more than ten years; the woman is 24 years Aaron’s senior.They initially connected in 2009 while working on the set of “Becoming John Lennon” (Nowhere Boy).

She was forty-two, and he was just eighteen at the time. She was previously married to an art dealer, with whom she shared two children, before being married to Taylor-Johnson.

These routines not only helped her heal, but they also provided her comfort and security now.Last year, Aaron disclosed their collaboration on three film projects in an open letter to the public.

Before exchanging vows, their relationship had grown for more than three years. A decade later, their devotion was reaffirmed in front of close family and friends. They have two kids together, and all of her girls look up to Aaron as a father figure.

The family moved to Somerset, England, from the US, and Aaron loves living in the country and taking care of his pigs and bees.

His favorite thing to do is spend time at home with his girls and family.“

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