Vincent Cassel invited his adult daughter to vacation with his young lady.

The tabloids have been full of joint beach photos of 57-year-old Vincent Cassel and 27-year-old Nara Baptista since mid-December. In the depths of winter, the couple enjoys an extended holiday together in Brazil on the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The actor, apparently, decided to combine business with pleasure: he invited his adult daughter from Monica Bellucci, 19-year-old Virgin Cassel, to join the vacation, who in her young years already knows better than anyone how to attract journalists.

Virgo, it seems, easily found a common language with her father’s chosen one: the age difference between the girls is very small. If Naru is separated from Vincent by three decades, then from his heir is only eight. The girls became such good friends that they post each other on their Instagram pages (banned in the Russian Federation). For example, Virgo shared a video with her graceful “stepmother,” and Nara reposted it on her personal blog.

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