Victoria Beckham drove fans crazy by posting a video without makeup: what’s the matter.

Victoria Beckham is traditionally treated less leniently than her husband David. If fans adore the football player for his sense of humor , cute family videos , and simply because he exists, then they are desperately trying to catch the ex-soloist of the Spice Girls in her guile, and also attribute to her sternness and a complete lack of friendliness. And yet the most common complaint against Victoria is hypocrisy. Take a look for yourself!

The day before, the celebrity took to Stories with absolutely no makeup to talk about a new beauty product from her own brand. And although the video turned out to be what is called honest – Vika did not hide the bags under her eyes or other imperfections, users still found something to complain about and unanimously declared that the celebrity was deceiving the fans.

“False eyebrows, false eyelashes, Botox and lip filler, foundation, eye shadow and highlighter. I wouldn’t call it a lack of makeup,” “She looks like she’s just had a ton of Botax injected,” “She constantly does laser treatments and fillers, and then claims that it’s her products that work,” said Daily Mail readers. That’s what! I can’t count how many users called her an unattractive and ugly woman!

It seems that no matter how honest Victoria is, she will still be accused of lying. Well, or anything else! Still, the more enviable a woman’s lover is, the more hate falls on her from the outside – we’ve already learned this like twice two. But be that as it may, David loves his wife madly, and this seems to be the most important thing.

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