Kim Kardashian unexpectedly reacted to the “naked” photos of Bianca Censori.

Photos of almost naked Bianca Censori on Instagram of Kanye West caused a lot of noise at the beginning of the year. “No pants this year,” the musician signed the publication . From that moment on, the peculiar relationship of the outrageous couple was discussed and commented on by all and sundry. But one opinion was especially important for fans to hear.

Fortunately, Kim Kardashian’s reaction arrived while the news story was hot. The star, reports the Daily Mail insider, considered the pictures strange, but from a different point of view. Kim is amused that Kanye asked her to be less frank, and literally forces Bianca to undress.

The star is not particularly impressed by the fact that the musician’s new wife is becoming more and more like her ex. Kim sees this perfectly well, but does not give in to emotions. “Everyone wants Kardashian to be shocked that Bianca is copying her, but alas. It’s strange, but true,” said the insider.

It’s funny that even if there was a scandal between Kanye’s chosen ones, it would be quite in the Kardashian style. These stars are looking for any reason to make themselves known. But they say Kim likes Bianca, and not only because she gets along well with her heirs. The main thing for Kim: the musician, having met the model, stopped meddling in his ex’s personal life.

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