Sandra Bullock fulfilled the last wish of her suddenly deceased lover.

Last August, Sandra Bullock’s lover, 57-year-old photographer Brian Randall, suddenly died from a rare disease. The man had been struggling with a neurological disease—amyotrophic lateral sclerosis—for three years. Then it was reported that the star of the film “Miss Congeniality” was planning to hold a farewell ceremony in an unusual place: Sandra wanted to scatter the ashes of her chosen one over the sea in the Bahamas, where the couple secretly exchanged vows.

However, plans apparently changed, and today it became known that Bullock scattered Randall’s ashes over a river in Wyoming, as he himself wanted. The actress’s sister reported this on her personal blog. On Instagram*, Josine Bullock-Prado addressed the deceased with the following words: “Happy birthday, Bri. Sandra brought you to the river, as she promised.” She also posted a video of her lover’s ashes being scattered over a picturesque area.

By the way, soon after Brian’s death, Sandra faced another problem: the actress was demanded to be deprived of an Oscar for her role in the film “The Blind Side.”

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