Elon Musk’s forecast for 2024 is scary.

As it became known, Elon Musk made a forecast for 2024. And, importantly, the billionaire believes that we should prepare for the next test. What can we say, we can talk about serious things at the global level. But what exactly you should expect and what awaits Musk himself , you will find out in our material in the next couple of minutes.

Elon Musk made a forecast for 2024

The founder of Tesla and the current owner of the social network Twitter (today the latter is called X), as you probably know, is known for his disappointing forecasts. For example, not long ago a billionaire predicted the end of humanity. Of course, we are talking about the rise of artificial intelligence . And, according to the businessman, there will be serious problems with electricity.

Fortunately, so far not a single engineer’s prediction has come true. Nevertheless, they cannot but bother each of us. In addition, the other day it became known that Elon Musk made a forecast for 2024. The reason for this was a question from one of the users of the social network Twitter. So, the question was raised about what we should expect this year.

Such interest in the near foreseeable future is quite understandable. After all, in recent years, as you know, humanity has had to face both a severe pandemic and military conflicts. Alas, Musk believes that fate will not be kind to us. “2024 will be even crazier. This is my forecast,” the businessman answered.

Geopolitics and bankruptcy

Curiously, a number of experts believe that Elon’s main fears are related to the upcoming presidential elections in the United States. You see, 2024 will test not only American democracy, but the entire world. The thing is that presidential elections will be held in the near future in 60 countries. And geopolitical changes will certainly depend on their results.

True, there is no talk of Trump’s victory. Most likely, Joe Biden will again become the 47th President of the United States. Thus, experts estimate his chances of winning incredibly high. The reason for this will not be the majority of votes for him, but the negative position towards Donald Trump.

But what’s really interesting is that 2024, first of all, could become ominous for Musk himself. You see, there remains a high probability that social network X will go bankrupt in the near future. It’s ironic that to keep Tesla and SpaceX employees motivated, Elon often warned about this. Now he will have to face this in reality.

Curious, what do you expect from 2024? Be sure to share your feelings about this in the comments.

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