Angelina Jolie’s brother speaks out about protecting her children after her divorce from Brad Pitt.

It’s no secret that the only salvation for Angelina Jolie during her seven-year divorce from Brad Pitt was their children. While the whole world was heatedly discussing the division of the property of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, things were not so easy for both all these years. Angie even became disillusioned with her entire Hollywood environment and decided to move to Cambodia! And among her friends, she said, she only had sons and daughters.

The day before, Jolie’s brother James Haven spoke about everything that happened. He said that amid such a high-profile breakup, he felt that he had to take responsibility for the safety of his sister, as well as his nephews and nieces. “It’s all so crazy… I think it’s really important to feel protected and I just want to be with them. Any time I have the opportunity to be there, I will be there,” he shared on the Too Fab podcast. James also added that over the past years he has tried to keep abreast of everything that is happening between Pitt and Jolie. It is important for him to support his sister, no matter what situation she finds herself in.

And the support for the actress was indeed very helpful, we think. After all, the family split, which received publicity, even brought her to paralysis .

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