What’s wrong with Donald Trump’s family Christmas photo.

As it became known, over the past few days, Internet_users have been actively discussing the Christmas_photo of Donald Trump’s_family. The reason for this was the absence of the wife of the former_US_President in the picture. So, today some commentators are taking into account possible rumors about the upcoming divorce of the politician and the fashion model. But what really happened in the businessman’s family , you will find out in our material in the next few minutes.



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Perhaps it’s worth starting with the fact that a Christmas_photo of Donald Trump’s family was published by Trump Jr.’s fiancée, Kimberly_Guilfoyle. Thus, the TV_presenter_shared a touching photo in Stories on the social network Instagram. By the way, judging by the photo, the holiday party took place at the politician’s Mar-a-Lago residence_in_Florida.

In the photo above you can see almost the entire Trump family. Thus, Donald Trump’s youngest_son_Barron was present at the celebration. Melania gave birth to the fifth and last heir to the 45th President of the United States on March 20, 2006. Interestingly, from the moment he left the White House, we began to see the youngest child of the politician much less often.

Donald Trump’s other children were also present at the holiday party. As you can already guess, we are talking about Ivanka, who arrived at the event in the company of her husband Jared_Kushner_and_children. Tiffany was not left without an invitation . The latter also came with her husband Michael Boulos. The main guest was Melania’s_father_Viktor_Knavs.

Family comes first

“Surrounded by the unwavering_support_of_our_family, we always find_the_motivation to be passionate about change. They are a constant_source_of_inspiration, moving us all forward with love and courage ,” Guilfoyle captioned another photo. True, this time only her fiancé and the former US President were in the frame.

But Melania , to the surprise of many Internet users, was not even close to the family celebration. And, of course, this could not but worry fans of the politician. At the same time, interestingly, various theories on this matter immediately began to appear in the comments. What can we say, there has even been talk about the imminent divorce of the spouses.

However, Donald Trump’s loyal fans can breathe a sigh of relief. You see, the reason for Melania’s absence was not difficulties in her relationship with her husband, but Amelia Kraves’ illness. It was next to her mother, who was in the hospital, that the wife of the former US president spent_Christmas. After all, as insiders have noted more than once, for the Slovenian_fashion_model, family has always come first.

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