Without makeup in the kitchen by the stove: how Paris Hilton spends the New Year holidays – video.

The star of the world’s loudest parties of the 2000s, Paris Hilton, showed how she spent the New Year holidays and surprised her fans. The glamorous blonde is now far from any kind of parties and even on holidays prefers the company of her husband and her children at home.

Having recently become a mother for the second time, Paris published a video in which she, without makeup (and sometimes with patches under her eyes), is in charge of her own kitchen: just chopping onions, just stewing minced meat, just making sauce for lasagna. At one point, Paris‘ husband appears in the frame to simply grab some paper towels. Also playing next to his mother in the kitchen is the son of a celebrity – a boy with the unusual name Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum. He, as is typical for children his age, explores the kitchen, looking into every corner.

In general, with such content, Paris is probably telling us: look, everything is like everyone else, I live my normal life. Here it is, quiet family happiness.


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