Netizens suspected that Heidi Klum was deliberately walking topless in front of the paparazzi.

Heidi Klum continues to enjoy her holiday with her young husband_Tom_Kaulitz on the tropical_island_of_St. Barths in the Caribbean. At the same time, the 50-year-old German top model does not betray herself – recently she was again caught by the paparazzi while walking along the beach with her breasts bare.

Readers of the Daily Mail tabloid suspected something was wrong. Too often, in their opinion, random photographs appear on the Internet in which the model appears in an indecent manner. Is it not she herself who asks journalists to photograph her, supposedly on the sly? “The older you get, the braver you have to be to maintain your image in front of the fans,” “She’s just always hungry for attention, isn’t she? She must be going through a mid-life crisis or something like that,” “It’s clear that she’s an exhibitionist who is constantly looking for attention,” “Lack of modesty is a lack of self-respect and dignity,” users were outraged.

And Klum has more than once provoked the public with her revealing outfits. Thus, the model wore a dress_with_a_deep_neckline_on_the_red_carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and posed in a thong and an accessory in the form of bunny ears on the day of Catholic Easter, which offended Christians. And what kind of candid photos did Heidi publish in 2022…

However, it is possible that readers of the Daily Mail tabloid are simply not in the mood. After all, at the end of December, they were delighted with Heidi Klum’s beach_photos and even noted that she looked_younger than her 34-year-old husband.

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