Fresh photos of Angelina Jolie with her children have appeared on the Internet – fans are sure that there are problems in the family.

Recently, Angelina Jolie can increasingly be seen exclusively in the company of children – even her solitary appearances have become much more rare. This is not surprising: against the backdrop of a seven-year divorce process with Brad Pitt, the actress became so disillusioned with her surroundings and in Hollywood that her children became her only consolation and only friends.

The other day, a surprisingly happy Angie reappeared in public in the company of sons Pax and Knox, as well as daughter Zahara . All four came to the actress’s Atelier Jolie store in New York – the children, unlike Jolie herself, were quite cold, but she simply glowed with happiness. Still would! Considering that she has almost no one left to trust, every minute spent with the children is a real joy for Mrs. Smith. “They are the closest people to me and in my life and they are my closest friends,” she previously shared.

Fans, looking at the paparazzi pictures, experienced mixed feelings. They are sure: the emotions of the sons and daughters of Jolie and Pitt signal problems, and Angelina herself seems more and more desperate to the fans. “It’s sad that she relies on her children as her only friends. It really says a lot about her personality. She’s beautiful, but so lonely,” “Obviously there are problems,” “These kids have Stockholm Syndrome because they were brainwashed by the toxic Angelina,” Page Six readers said.

By the way, Zahara and Pax, who were spotted with Jolie at Atelier Jolie, had already made it clear that amid the scandal of the ex-spouses they were taking the side of their mother. But the other four remain silent to this day. But be that as it may, soon this will not be so important: Jolie is planning to move to Cambodia, and there neither the paparazzi, nor the showdown with Pitt, nor curious fans will be able to get hold of her.

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