44-year-old Kourtney Kardashian complained about her figure after giving birth.

Baby Rocky was long-awaited for the family of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker: after several_attempts at IVF, the star finally managed to get pregnant. The birth did not go_according_to_plan. In early September, Courtney underwent_emergency_surgery to save the baby’s_life. What caused it is unknown, but let’s not forget that the model is 44 years old. However, the baby was born healthy, the couple has already published the first pictures with him. Now the star is recovering and is slowly coming out into the world. The first party that Kourtney attended as a mother of a newborn was a Christmas party at Kim Kardashian’s house.

The star decided to film her preparations on camera, and at the same time report on what was happening to her figure after giving birth, by the way, already her fourth. The changes in her body don’t scare her much, but they don’t make her happy either. “When you can’t fit anything in your closet anymore and your breasts are full of milk, just put on a cozy coat,” Courtney joked. The celebrity did not ignore the slavic core trend and threw a massive fur coat over her bodysuit and nylon tights. Fans noted that she not only looks stylish, but also as if she had never given birth. Frankly, the new mother really looks fresh.

If the celebrity really came to the party wearing such a look, then it’s clear why Chloe left an unflattering comment under the photo: “That feeling when you’re bad, no matter what.” “I’m as bad as my sister,” Courtney quipped in response. We hope the sisters limited themselves to a squabble on social networks.

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