Victoria and David Beckham made a funny video in which they made fun of Jennifer Lopez.

The Beckham family needs a reality film for a long time: watching their relationship is a pleasure. And all because regulars at social gatherings are not shy about showing that they are not alien to the problems of mere mortals. For example, on the eve of Christmas, David prepared cranberry sauce, and Victoria put the house in order. The wife of their son, Nicola Peltz, captured the family idyll and accidentally caught the moment when Victoria was straightening a garbage bag.

The world-famous fashion designer was not at all confused: “I put the bag in the tank, yes. I bet Jennifer Lopez doesn’t do that.“ “Yes, but you’re not Jennifer Lopez, to be honest,” David said and added that Ben Affleck’s wife, in his opinion, really doesn’t take out the trash. Nicola decided to find out if this was true from Jen herself and added a caption to the video with a question for her.

A typical star is unlikely to be offended by such a question. She does not hide from her fans, for example, that she is not always dressed to the nines . The fact that Jennifer Lopez, like any person, may be out of sorts, everyone has seen hundreds of times thanks to the paparazzi and their footage of the celebrity quarreling with her husband.
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