The Internet ridiculed Rihanna and A$AP Rocky for appearing at a ski resort.

Rihanna and her lover A$AP Rocky are being heatedly discussed on the Internet after their appearance on the streets of the ski town of Aspen, where the star family is spending the Christmas holidays. The artists‘ Family Look, in which they went to a local store with children in their arms, once again delighted fans. The pair appeared in matching gray sweatshirts and brown suede boots. Rihanna paired it all with blue jeans and a white jacket, and the rapper with a white and brown fur coat and metallic printed trousers.

The singer’s youngest son, who was born in August, wears blue jeans, a green and white patterned sweater and a gray beanie. The older child was wearing brown corduroy pants, a white and brown coat and socks with the fashion brand’s logo.

“Gorgeous Riri and her beautiful boys”, “My beloved family”, “They are so cute, it’s clear that they love each other”, “Being a mother suits her. For the first time, she is dressed sensibly and comfortably,” Daily Mail readers write. However, some were surprised by the appearance of the celebrity couple in Aspen and even laughed at it: what are they doing there? Like, where are Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, and where are the skis!

We have to admit, we share the readers‘ enthusiasm for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s family image and think it’s cool!

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