It became known why Britney Spears is in no hurry to reconcile with her mother.

This year, Britney and Lynne_Spears_buried_the_hatchet. At least that’s what it seemed after the pop_diva_told_fans that her mother came to visit her for the first_time_in_three_years. “With family_there_are_always_things that need to be resolved, but time heals all wounds! I’m so glad we can have coffee together after 14 years! And then let’s go_shopping,” Britney rejoiced on Instagram*. But it seems that the mother and daughter’s get-togethers did not go as the singer expected. She, a source told US_Weekly, did not come to Lynn for Christmas and is not going to visit her during the New Year holidays.

Britney, the insider says, understands perfectly well that her mother would like to see her daughter, but it seems to the star that too little time has passed since they resumed communication. “She is open to communication with Lynn, but wants things to develop organically and doesn’t force anything,” he notes. Overall, Britney believes that she and Lynn will become close people, which cannot be said about her father. In early December, Jamie had her leg amputated , and the star ignored it even on social networks, where she reacts to every mention of herself.

Britney still cannot forgive her relatives for allowing Jamie to mock her. During the 13-year guardianship, Lynn did not try to help her daughter.

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