Heidi Klum revealed her weight and shared the shocking secret of her slimness.

To be honest, while watching Heidi Klum on vacation , demonstrating her gastronomic entertainment, we all could not understand how she manages to maintain such an amazing figure with all this. But then the secret of the model’s slimness became known, which, to put it mildly, surprised the public.

The Daily Mail reported that Heidi allows herself only 900 calories a day. And this despite the fact that the daily norm for women is 2000–2500 calories! According to the portal, 50-year-old Klum weighs 62 kilograms with a height of 176 centimeters. Yes, these are angelic parameters, it’s not for nothing that the celebrity was a heavenly creation of Victoria’s Secret for many years.

Readers immediately expressed concern about this diet. They are sure: no career is worth a “hunger strike.” “No, 900 calories is not enough for an adult woman to maintain a healthy weight. We must stop normalizing unhealthy body problems,” write indignant users. Others, by the way, think differently. If your body brought in millions of dollars, they tell other commentators, you wouldn’t do anything like that.

However, on her Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation), Heidi has already reassured her followers, saying that, apparently, some kind of mistake had occurred, and she was not counting any calories. And they are happy, because health comes first, and such sacrifices are truly unnecessary.

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