Angelina Jolie’s new tattoo is being discussed online – fans are sure that it is dedicated to Brad Pitt.

And two weeks have not passed since the divorce proceedings of Hollywood celebrities officially ended , and the actress has already managed to say goodbye to the past with a fresh tattoo. At least, that’s what her fans decided when they saw on the Internet a new image of Angelina Jolie on her middle fingers.

In fact, the tattoo artist who published the drawing on his personal blog blurred out the inscriptions on Angie’s hands, so their meaning has not yet been revealed. However, the choice of place for the tattoo seemed so interesting and unusual to the public that they quickly guessed who the message was intended for – of course, the ex-husband.

Moreover, the imagination of fans ran so wild that they even suggested the text of the address to Pitt. The options, we note, are not very diverse: “Fuck you, Brad!”, “Damn it, Brad!”, but someone still got creative and played with the words: “Had a Brad time.”

In general, neither Mr. nor Mrs. Smith is given peace even after the final break and resolution of all conflicts. The New York artist himself even had to reassure subscribers on the banned network, where, in fact, the picture appeared: “This has nothing to do with Brad Pitt.” Well, we’ll look at that later, of course. Women – that’s how they are – can twist hints in such a way that you can’t undermine them.

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