Bruce Willis’s wife openly talks about how her husband’s terminal diagnosis is affecting her.

More than a year ago, the “die nut” learned about his incurable disease – the most complex form of dementia, which is rapidly progressing . News about the condition of 68-year-old Bruce Willis is periodically shared by members of a large family: daughters, ex-wife_and_current_wife. But few people think about how difficult it is for them. Model Emma Heming admitted on her personal blog that although from the outside it looks like she is living_her_best_life, in reality it is difficult for her.

“I have to make a conscious_effort_every_single_day to keep the situation from getting worse. I do this for myself, I do this for our two children. “I’m doing this primarily for Bruce, who wouldn’t want me to live differently,” she said. The model claims that her thoughts are often gloomy, but she tries to focus on the good, this is an affirmation for every day.

By the way, recently one of Bruce’s daughters, 34-year-old Rumer, gave him his first granddaughter. The girl has already shared touching photos of the “hard nut” with the baby. And the actor, apparently, is incredibly happy.

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