Bradley Cooper found himself at the center of a global scandal due to controversial makeup: details

The „The Hangover“ star is no stranger to serious roles.Bradley Cooper once again demonstrated his versatility by co-writing the script, directing, and starring in the film.The film_“Maestro“ is a biographical_film about the Jewish_conductor_and_composer_Leonard Bernstein, who is best known for writing the music for „West_Side_Story.“

As soon as the trailer for the film was released, Bradley was chastised for „ethnic cosplay.“To look more like his historical counterpart, the actor decided to use makeup, including a prosthetic nose.The efforts were not universally praised.Tracy-Ann Obermann, a British actress, was particularly harsh in her critique.“Bradley Cooper_managed_to_play_the_Elephant_Man without a single_prosthetic, then he should be able to play the Jew without one,“ she said in a post on her own site.Daniel Finber, a critic for the Hollywood Reporter, too took an irreconcilable stance.

Cooper, on the other hand, was fortunate: it is unknown how this story would have concluded if the composer’s heirs had not been mortified by the prosthetic_nose.Leonard Bernstein’s children, Jamie, Alexander, and Nina, issued_a_joint_statement in his support.“It crushes our hearts to see Cooper’s efforts misrepresented or misunderstood…Bradley chose to enhance his image with makeup, which we completely_approve of.We’re confident our father wouldn’t mind either.“We can only hope that the film will impress film reviewers and that no one will recall the makeup.

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