Tina Kunaki was first spotted with a man after her divorce from Vincent Cassel.

It was rumored that after breaking up with 56-year-old Vincent Cassel, the 26-year-old model was heartbroken. Indeed, the world has not seen such a beautiful and harmonious couple for a long time. And although seven fabulous years together ended in a painful breakup, and luxurious photographs of the two of them were removed from everywhere, the time has come to come to their senses. Apparently, this is what Tina Kunaki decided when she went to heal her wounds from divorce in the arms of a mysterious stranger.

The day before, the girl was spotted with a young man. Tina, it seems, was unable to contain her sympathy: every now and then she flirted with the guy, and even more so she could not remove her hands from his shoulders. Kunaki’s companion, in turn, behaved more calmly with her. Maybe he was afraid of the rumors that would immediately spread across the Internet if anyone noticed them together? And, in general, not in vain. After all, a video in which the couple was caught at a noisy nightlife establishment has already spread across the Internet, and subscribers began to compare the new chosen one with Tina’s ex-husband.
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