The divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally ended after 7 years with the victory of one of the spouses.

Protracted breakups have already become a habit_among_Hollywood celebrities. For 7 years we watched how all the illusions about the ideal union of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie collapsed and how the spouses could not divide what they had acquired together. Celebrity_divorce is finally over.

The publication In Touch learned that the divorce proceedings between Brad and Angie were over, and they were able to resolve all the issues. Let us remind you that recently their proceedings regarding a winery in France have become especially loud. After being ridiculed and insulted by her ex-husband, Mrs. Smith agreed to a peaceful settlement, the insider said: “They spent so much money on these_legal_battles, including the custody_battle, that Angie could simply go broke, so it would be reasonable cut her losses… This is a huge win for Brad.”

By the way, speaking of the French estate_Chateau_Miraval, Brad Pitt recently invited his new_lover_Ines_De_Ramon to stay there. Apparently, a white streak has come in the actor’s life, otherwise how can one explain the new healthy relationship and the long-awaited ending to the drama with Angelina?

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