Madonna’s appearance after hospitalization horrified her fans.

A month ago, the 64-year-old pop icon made fans pretty nervous. Madonna was hospitalized with a bacterial infection – her loved ones, as the tabloids wrote, were “preparing for the worst.” And although after the incident the singer was already photographed in good health by the paparazzi, yesterday she announced that she was postponing her world tour. Fans couldn’t stand another alarming news about their favorite’s health, so the celebrity very opportunely caught the eye of journalists on one of the streets of New York yesterday.

It should be noted that Madonna looks quite cheerful. But true fans, who understand more than ordinary people, suspected something was wrong based on the photographs. „It’s almost completely covered up, I think it’s hiding the scars,“ one Daily Mail reader worried. “She’s so pale…” another added. But unbiased readers once again noted that it was time for Madonna to come to terms with her age, and put forward their own version of the reason for her hospitalization – numerous surgical interventions. Be that as it may, I am glad that the singer herself periodically gets in touch and does not hide her health problems. But the tour can really wait; there have been quite a few of them in Madonna’s lifetime.

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