David Beckham showed how his 12-year-old daughter does his makeup.

You can be as rich and famous as you want, but you won’t be able to resist your daughter’s_little_pranks. An exemplary family man, David Beckham has proven this simple truth to us once again, demonstrating that even for a world football_player, fooling_around with children is a sacred thing.

The athlete posted a fresh photo on Instagram* with his 12-year-old_daughter_Harper, in which she is doing makeup for her father. David, to his credit, sits quietly and, apparently, follows all the orders of his personal makeup_artist: eyes up, face to the light. “Daddy apparently_needed_some_powder and contouring (I don’t know what that means_but_I_look_better_than_ever),” Beckham_captioned the photo. Subscribers were immediately delighted, and some of them were generous with touching words. “Whatever the little princess wants, the king will always be there,” was the comment left under the photo.


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