56-year-old Salma Hayek amazed subscribers with new photos – everyone is discussing one detail.

Many Hollywood stars preach body positivity and self-love only in words, but in reality they post mercilessly retouched photographs. And as a result, they often get caught in absolutely ridiculous Photoshop fails . Fortunately, Salma Hayek is clearly not one of them: we have long been accustomed to the fact that the 56-year-old actress proudly shows off her luxurious figure in numerous hot (and at the same time most honest) photos and videos . But this time the star decided to play a different trick: she showed off her gray hair, and at the same time shared a wise beauty hack. “Here’s a tip for hiding gray hair without covering it up: Don’t put glasses on your hair!” — Hayek signed her photos.

Followers appreciated the humor and thanked Salma for her honesty. “At least one star shows herself as she is,” “How gracefully she ages, just an example to follow,” admired subscribers. Even such famous beauties as Paris Hilton and Carla Bruni joined in the delight: both were noted in the comments with hearts and compliments.

Well, we completely agree with the above speakers – we are already running to study an unusual (and not at all expensive) practice that helps Salma maintain her beauty.

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