Paris Hilton tried on an unexpected look to remain unrecognizable while shopping: photo.

Paris Hilton faced a difficult task when she wanted to do a last-minute shopping spree before Christmas on crowded Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The star needs to buy a lot of gifts: this is the first Christmas she’s celebrating as a mother of two kids , so quick online shopping won’t be enough here. But the style icon wouldn’t be herself if she hadn’t found an ingeniously simple way to hide from the paparazzi and idle onlookers. To remain incognito, Paris decided to try on a “gray mouse” style look and, for extra convincing, complemented it with a black wig.

We don’t even know what ultimately gave away this conspiracy legend: either the impressively sized Gucci bag, or Carter Reum’s husband nearby… But to be honest, we admire the photographers – we definitely wouldn’t have paid attention to Paris if we’d met her like this her on the street. And we still couldn’t understand why no one recognizes Superman when he just puts on glasses!

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