Kate Middleton was suspected of using a black child for PR after accusations of racism.

On the night of December 24-25, British television will show the holiday concert “Royal Carols: Together At Christmas,” which was organized by Kate Middleton. On the eve of the premiere, ITV shared a small preview that unexpectedly created a lot of noise on the Internet. In a short video, the 41-year-old princess surprises several young football players and their coach with her appearance. Kate greets the crowd and has a nice conversation with them—nothing criminal, even if you try, you can’t find.

But conspiracy theorists immediately got down to business and still found cause for concern. They noticed that at the beginning of the video, the princess was shaking hands with a black boy named Rico. “It’s obvious that this is a planned PR move designed to clear Kate’s reputation after all the accusations of racism,” says one reader of the Daily Mail tabloid, who recalled the scandalous revelations from Omid Scobie’s book. And I must say, many agree with him.

“I think I know why they chose the clip with Rico for the promo…”, “Megan will be sick of this,” “Judging by the boy’s face, he’s already heard what nasty things were said about little Archie in the palace,” “I’m surprised that she I didn’t tell the boy something like: “You look so much like my nephew,” commentators say.

Well, we would like to say that we are surprised by such hate out of nowhere, but, frankly speaking, we have already gotten used to it.

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