Selena Gomez spoke for the first time about her new relationship.

A couple of weeks ago, Selena Gomez revealed her new boyfriend Benny Blanco. The singer and music producer have known each other for several years, but have been dating, apparently, for about six months. This relationship raised many questions among fans: firstly, Benny is a longtime friend of Justin Bieber, Selena’s ex-boyfriend, and secondly, he was accused of ridiculing Gomez at least once. On top of that, the selenators did not accept poor Blanco because of his appearance: they are sure that their favorite deserves much more.

Meanwhile, Selena is incredibly happy next to Benny. But before she spoke about her feelings in a very strange way – in the comments on fan accounts. And the day before, her interview for Vogue México was published, where, although only a little, she mentioned the novel. “It’s very difficult to find_someone_who_can_listen to you and care_about_you, but I know_when_this_happens to you, it will_be_great, you will want_it_to_be_a_healthy relationship,” she expressed.

Insiders have previously said that, unlike Selena’s past boyfriends (Justin Bieber and singer The Weeknd in particular), Benny is very attentive to her, and he is also honest and open. And considering that for the first time in many years Gomez started talking about a healthy relationship, there’s definitely no need to worry about these two.

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