Photos of 51-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow without Photoshop have appeared on the Internet – the public is indignant.

People are slowly forgetting that Gwyneth Paltrow is an actress. In the eyes of ordinary people, she is already rather the owner of the healthy lifestyle brand Goop, which produces dubious wellness products. Vaginal eggs and sex toys were not selling well, by the way, but the first batch of vagina-scented candles was sold out in just an hour. Vagina-flavored chocolates are coming .

Gwyneth really believes in what she does: on her Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) she actively talks not only about the brand, but also about personal methods of maintaining health – an extreme diet, IVs, infrared baths and much more. Analyzing how the actress looks at 51 years old, Internet users did not believe in the miraculousness of her methods. However, recent photographs from the paparazzi forced them to reconsider their views. In the vacation shots of Gwyneth, which were published by Page Six, there is not a bit of Photoshop, and the star looks luxurious. She, as noted in the comments, has no cellulite at all, and her waist is in place.

We believe that it is too early to draw conclusions based on a few photos. It’s better to listen to the doctors who seem to sit around the clock in the comments under Gwyneth’s videos, exposing everything she says.

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