Kim Kardashian was afraid of what she would look like in old age: video.

The celebrity undoubtedly looks great at 43 years old. Numerous plastic surgeries, expensive cosmetic procedures and professional makeup artists do their job. However, Kim Kardashian receives more hate than compliments. There has long been talk on the Internet that she is trying to catch time by the tail and be forever young. Alas, Kim will someday have to face the signs of aging, and she recently became convinced of this herself.

The day before, the model met with makeup artist Ariel Tejade. He persuaded his friend to try a trend from social networks – to act with a filter that shows how a person will look in the future. The effect gradually, starting in 2023, aged the star’s face. And as soon as deep wrinkles appeared, Kim covered the camera with her hand.

In the comments they write that now the star’s life will not be the same. “This bitch’s biggest fear,” one user put it. “It’s a shame to complain, Kim looks just like her mom when she’s old,” another added. We think there is nothing to worry about: Kris Jenner, at 68, looks much younger. And genetics is a stronger thing than the most praised beauty procedures.

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