Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner will celebrate Christmas together after a scandalous breakup.

This couple’s showdown over divorce is the shortest in the history of Hollywood breakups. It only took Joe Jones and Sophie Turner a few months to repeatedly accuse each other of all mortal sins and come to an agreement regarding custody of their daughters. Since then, Joe hasn’t even said a single bad word to his ex-wife, who has already started a serious affair . Now there is talk on the Internet that the ex-couple will spend Christmas together. The perpetrators of the rumors themselves added fuel to the fire: Joe recently flew to London, where Sophie now lives with her daughters.

It is possible that Sophie’s new chosen one will join the star family. Joe said that he accepts the choice of his daughters’ mother and is happy if she is happy. Moreover, for a musician, parenthood is sacred, and therefore it is unacceptable for him to spend a family holiday away from his heirs. Well, isn’t it a worthy example for fathers and simply divorced men?

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