It became known under what conditions Meghan Markle will be accepted into the royal family.

After unflattering statements about the royal family and manipulations by Prince Harry, which even the actress’s fans do not deny, Meghan Markle will never improve relations with her husband’s relatives. At least that’s what it seems to the public. But royal biographer Tom Quiney does not rule out that if Charles III forgives his youngest son, he will be able to improve relations with Megan. However, the duchess, the expert adds, will have to step over herself, and twice.

Firstly, Megan will not be able to live in the USA, where she plans to resume her acting career. It is important for the royal family that all relatives live in England. Secondly, she will have to do everything that the king, the queen consort, as well as the future heir to the throne, William and his wife Kate Middleton, say. This strategy means that Meghan’s return, if there is one, should happen smoothly and without fanfare.

And you shouldn’t expect an apology, or that the monarchs will treat her more leniently. Queenie believes that Megan is too proud to agree to such conditions. Netizens, by the way, are of the same opinion: the Dukes of Sussex would rather divorce than Megan take back her words.

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