It became known how the first unsuccessful attempt of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to build a joint_relationship affects their marriage.

They say that whoever remembers the past will… you know what. But what to do if you would happily forget this past, but it doesn’t even find you? For example, Jennifer Lopez and her lover Ben Affleck are happily married, but the fact that their first relationship collapsed literally on their wedding day many years ago is still remembered and actively recalled by everyone.

It is not surprising that an unsuccessful first romance casts a shadow on the real relationship between the spouses. In a conversation with Variety, Jen admitted that both she and Ben suffer_from_post-traumatic_stress_disorder_caused by their first attempt at starting a family. Lopez and Affleck were so bombarded with public and press attention that it left a negative mark that lasts to this day. “We’re older now. We are wiser. We know what’s really_important_in_life, and it’s not_so_much_what_other_people_think. It’s about being true to ourselves,“ the singer added.

Well, if JLo and her husband really suffer so much because of the constant interest from the public, this explains all their gloomy photos taken by the paparazzi together. Apparently, Ben_and_Jennifer are unhappy not with each other, but with the lenses around them trying to catch them at the wrong moment.

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