Fans are discussing the photo of Vincent Cassel with his new lover, who looks like Tina Kunaki.

Fans of the couple Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunaki are slowly getting used to the idea that they are no longer together. And all because, judging by the pictures, the actor is incredibly happy with his new_lover_Nara_Baptista. Their relationship is slowly reaching a new level. Previously, the paparazzi caught lovers exclusively on dates, but recently they caught them on their way to the gym.

The lovebirds took a nice stroll after training in one of the gyms_in_Rio_de_Janeiro. Both, it should be noted, are in excellent shape; Vincent doesn’t look like that at all at 57. And therefore, the age difference of 30 years, Daily Mail readers write in the comments to the publication, does not hurt the eyes. The controversy that Nara looks_suspiciously_like_Tina has almost disappeared : both are young black models.

Either the fans just needed time, or the recent_photos of Tina with her new lover added peace of mind . Let_us_remember that she overcame the bitterness of the breakup before Vincent.

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