Bruce Willis’s daughter told how the actor helped her name her first child.

The first granddaughter was born to a “tough nut” at a difficult time. Bruce Willis, we recall, has been struggling with incurable aphasia for more than two years. And although insiders say that the actor has lost his cognitive abilities, he takes an active part in raising little Lou. Moreover, it was he who advised Rumer to give the heiress an unusual name.

On her Instagram*, the girl explained that Luetta is a combination of several names. Lu is universal, would be suitable for both a boy and a girl, and therefore became the basis. Later, when the sex of the child became known, they decided to combine the names of musicians that both Rumer and Bruce liked. “Lou is Louis Armstrong, Etta is Etta James and Isley is the Isley brothers,” the star’s daughter explained.

Now it’s clear why Bruce has a special connection with his granddaughter. “It’s such a joy to see them together. They’re just obsessed with her,” Rumer once said about her parents’ attitude towards Lou. This can also be seen from the joint photographs that the family periodically shares.

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