Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny split after almost a year of dating.

Less than a year has passed_since one of the most beautiful_Hollywood_couples in the “Under 30” age category broke up – Kendall Jenner and rapper_Bad_Bunny broke off their relationship 10 months after they began, People reports.

When the lovers first came out into the world, their photos together simply tore the Internet apart. And although these two were unlikely to surpass the level of hype and hype in the press of Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet, the effect was still wow. However, the music did not play for long, and without further explanation the romance simply ended.

It should be noted that although Kendall and Bad Bunny looked more harmonious together than her sister and the screen Willy Wonka, they also failed to create a feeling of sincerity in the relationship. Fans are sure that the stars simply received enough attention and brought the PR romance to its logical conclusion. However, it’s too early to draw conclusions about honesty: after all, back in October, the rapper spoke very touchingly about the person next to him who motivates him to improve_his_English (Bad Bunny himself is Puerto Rican). By the way, it was that month that the singer and model were last seen together.

So Kendall and her ex-lover moved from the list of the most beautiful couples of the year to the top of the broken_up_couples of the year. And now we are tormented by only one question: who is next?

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